What’s My Why? Helping Business Owners Impact Their Market

There I was, sitting across from a business owner in tears. An owner in tears because her company wasn’t growing and she didn’t know how to market herself online. She couldn’t afford us and there was nothing I could do about it. My heart broke for her because I knew I could help her company, and help her continue on her vision. It was in this moment that I knew I had to leave the company I was at, and start Striventa.

Helping Business Owners Impact Their Market

I’ve been asked this question many times by business owners, entrepreneurs, friends, and family. It’s also one of the questions I love asking our clients. For me, my why is simple. I do what I do because I want to impact businesses with passion, integrity, and tenacity. The ability to help a company grow is the product of impacting businesses with passion, integrity, and tenacity. This why continues to drive me to this day and is at the heart of all I do.

Starting Striventa came with a whole list of guarantees that I had never experienced before. A guarantee that I wouldn’t have a paycheck, a guarantee that I had to go share my ideas and theories on how to grow a business with people I didn’t know and a guarantee that if I failed, I would have no safety net for myself or my clients. These guarantees became the backbone of motivation that drove me each morning and kept me at the office well into the night.

How To Connect with Business Owners

When I first started Striventa, my goals were simple. How could I help a business take their existing structure and help them achieve new revenue opportunities? This proved to be a very vast landscape, and as I began meeting with business owners, asking questions to better understand their vision for their company, it was evident that they had a bad taste and perception of marketing. Owners were frustrated because they felt most firms don’t get to know their company first, cannot connect the offline world to the online world and spent money without tracking properly.  With these points, I knew I had to assemble the right team that embodied the values and visions of Striventa so that we didn’t end up like any other marketing firms. Through this process, I have been blessed to have a team of employees and partners that have helped grow Striventa into the company we are today. The road hasn’t been easy and it’s certainly come with growing pains, but through it all, the team we have today is the team propelling us into our tomorrow.

The Fusion of Art and Science

As we press into the future, we are taking the core mission and values of what we started this company with, and hyper-focusing on specific online services that we feel have had the most impact on a company’s growth. It is through this hyper focus that the backbone of our process has formed. First, we are focused on listening to you and your company’s mission and goals.

Business Owners Impact Their MarketWe have two ears and one mouth for a reason, and make sure to ask the right questions and put our ears to work. Second, we focus on your messaging as it will always reign supreme. Messaging is at the core of all you do to ensure all of the online tactics target the right customer, with the right message, at the right time. Lastly, we believe in pivoting towards opportunity. We watch the results carefully as the market is always changing, reacting and evolving. What separates good companies from great companies is how you pivot towards opportunity.

With this vision casting us forward into 2017, I say welcome and thank you for checking us out. I hope we have a chance to serve you and your company, in order to help you optimize your message online, and grow your business.

We are Striventa.

Your Message, Optimized.

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