Holistic SEO: The Art Of Doing Everything Right From Start To Finish

The goal of this article is to examine the process of holistic SEO. Having a holistic SEO process creates a clear mission for your website while targeting your ideal customers. Many people believe that SEO is a mysterious process that only experts can understand. While SEO has many complicated and highly technical aspects, it can be understood and used by anyone. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to optimizing content on pages of a website, to rank higher for search terms. Everyone wants to be on the first page for a service or product they offer. The problem is that many people have no idea on how to achieve that goal.

Holistic SEO Is A Process

When a people talk about wanting to rank their website online it is important to remember that pages rank for search terms, not websites. If you do not have a clear missHolistic SEOion for your website, it is like wanting to build a roof without having all of the parts of the building that support it. The details matter – a lot. This is why SEO is now a part of every single creative detail that goes into building a website. This includes optimized hosting, a clear content strategy as well as a well planned out site structure. Every website also needs great content and a plan to distribute that content. This is why we believe in a holistic SEO process from start to finish.

“SEO is not something you do anymore. It’s what happens when you do everything else right”. – Chad Pollitt

A great SEO strategy is the result of organizing a core message that targets a specific audience. The goal of this message is to provide high-quality content, that people online are searching for. Here are a few ways to not just better understand holistic SEO, but to start your own holistic SEO process.

First, Write Out A Mission Statement For Your Website

Creating a mission statement for a website allows clear and concise goals to be established that allows everyone to be on the same page. This mission statement will help you understand what goals are most important for your website to achieve, and what services and/or products are the most crucial to your marketing campaigns.

  • Who are you?
  • What is your website about?
  • What makes it special?
  • And what promise do you make on your website?

Second, Create A Buyer’s Persona To Target Your Ideal Customer

A Buyer’s Persona represents who your ideal client is and how you would like your website to communicate to them.

  1. So who is your ideal client or customer?
  2. What do you like and what do they dislike? Are they male or female or both?Holistic SEO
  3. How old are they?
  4. Did they graduate from college?
  5. What is their annual income?
  6. Do you have more than one ideal client or customer?

Creating a detailed buyer persona is very helpful to the SEO process. The reason buyer personas are so helpful is because they help craft a targeted message about how your products and services can solve the problems that your ideal customers are facing. This process avoids creating content that is talking to the wrong people. By answering these questions and creating a Buyer’s Persona, it will also create a huge advantage for you when doing keyword research as well as on page optimization and online advertising. To help you craft your Buyer Persona, check out this amazing tool that Hubspot has created – Buyer Persona Generator.

Lastly, Audit Your Website

Website health is a very important ranking factor and is often overlooked when evaluating the optimization of your online presence. At Striventa, we strive to create websites with a holistic SEO strategy in mind. This includes being mindful of designing websites that have fast load times, picture optimization, inner linking within the website and building out a page for every keyword that a website wants to rank for online. Implementing the changes from a detailed website audit can dramatically increase your website’s online rankings and user experience. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of design & animations, but if your website can’t be crawled, then it can’t rank.

Clear And Precise Holistic SEO Strategy From Inception

SEO is a holistic process that must have precise goals in mind from beginning to end. The goal of every website should be to provide the best content possible for your unique audience and create an incredible user experience resulting in new business. To accomplish this goal you need a clear and precise strategy from inception. We are always happy to help as we believe Holistic SEO is vital in accomplishing all of your online goals even to the hosting provider you use. Everything matters. Every detail is important.

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