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Business Growth Strategy

We are not in the business of fixing 1 star reviews and you shouldn’t be either. 

Your business will only be as strong as the service it delivers. As your Growth Partner, we must understand how your business delivers all levels of services and products. Our team will interview your leadership and experts to ensure we understand this fully. As a great side-benefit, many times we dig up nice nuggets of information that we can leverage in your marketing messaging too!

Increasing site traffic organically by optimizing your website for the keywords your ideal customers are already searching for is at the heart our SEO process. We will optimize your website content to capitalize on this traffic and engage your audience. Showing up for customers who are actively looking for the solutions you offer is vital to the success of growing your business. Throughout our process, each month, the following SEO tactics will be deployed at minimum.

  • Historical Optimization
  • Technical Optimization
  • Content Additions and Reorganization
  • Content and Keyword Optimization

From local reviews to listing your business information consistently online, we will help you hyper-focus on a specific audience based on your brick and mortar location. Our team will accomplish the following items under this Local SEO tactic:

  • Local Citation Growth
  • Local Optimization
  • Review Acquisition

We believe it takes compelling content and smooth, lighting fast processes to grow your company. This is the foundation on  which we operate and all tactics will grow from it. Because of this, we have created a process of content creation that has generated tremendous results for our partners. We believe in this process so much that we have even built a product (WP Pillars) to make this structure accessible to anyone’s website regardless of development skills.

Compelling content should not only answers your ideal customer’s questions but also  be displayed in a way that is user-friendly and builds massive rankings for the keywords you need to rank for.

Our 10x Pillar page process is changing the game and increasing all of our partners organic search rankings exponentially.

We can promise you that our grand SEO and Content Marketing plan IS NOT just writing 4 blogs a month. Our 10x Pillar Page model is an ecosystem of 12 chapter guides (that also allows users to download it and increase leads generated), website pages, and related blogs, systematically connected to the keywords you need to rank for in order to acquire customers.

This content represents the core of everything you offer to your customers and allows our team to get your site ranking organically. This content is also used to engage customers on social media, in email campaigns, and through online advertising. 

Social media is a great way to share your company’s message organically and build an engaged audience to help attract ideal customers in a natural and friendly way. 

Our team believes that having an active presence on social media is a must. From posting engaging content routinely, to analyzing data and refining your strategy, our team works with you to develop a social media calendar that will accomplish your business goals.

Posting is a great baseline, but not enough. Instead of posting on every social media platform available, our team will work with you to pick the right platforms to achieve your customer acquisition goals. Then we’ll create and execute a dedicated and focused strategy to grow those channels.

After we’ve created high-quality content that helps answer some of your ideal customers’ biggest problems, this content should be syndicated to reach a targeted larger audience. Through this initiative, we will send more traffic to your site and increase backlinks to improve your website’s authority. 

Distributing your message online through paid mediums allows your brand to expand your reach and attract, engage, and convert your ideal customers. Our team will evaluate the best mediums to help scale your lead generation efforts and convert those leads into customers. The major platforms we deploy on regularly are Facebook, Instagram, Google (Seach, Display, Local Service Ads, Map Pin Ads), YouTube, and Linkedin.

Connecting and becoming a resource and authority in your local market will allow for specific and strategic growth. While these tactics are typically handled by the boots-on-the-ground staff of our partners, we include it in our flywheel as this represents the totality of what it takes to grow your business. Common examples of past community outreach work from clients would be tabling events, connecting with the local chamber, and non-profit work. If applicable for your brand, influencer marketing can also be tied into this tactic.

Nurturing leads and building trust with them through a full Growth Acceleration Platform like HubSpot allows you to increase the chance of leads becoming customers. As part of our program, our team handles the implementation and management of all HubSpot technology initiatives to help automate any process possible! This includes setting up automated email sequences to nurture customers without any manual effort.

Empowering your sales team to be as effective as possible will result in a service-based culture with more closings. Deploying the HubSpot Growth Acceleration Platform will give your team every resource possible to accomplish this. As part of our program, we handle all HubSpot technology initiatives and offer training, where needed, to your sales team.

A playbook to handle your brand’s reputation online is critical to the success and story being told about your company. Monitoring review sources and empowering your team to respond thoughtfully in a timely manner will help increase customer service opportunities, limit negative reviews, and encourage positive ones.

Innovation is necessary to stay ahead of your competition. With egos at the table, we commit to an iron sharpening iron approach that allows us to take advantage of new opportunities together. We’ll bring your team ideas and work with you to execute ones that your team brings to us. 

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